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BBS RS 176 (redrill)

15x7.5 et20 - 6x139.7

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Wald Duchatelet II

19x9/10 et33/33 - 5x114.3

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BBS RF007 (NOS, pair)

17x8.5 et20 - 5x112

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BBS RS 213

15x6.5 et34 - 4x100 (redrill)

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Oz Mae

18x9/11 et22.5/24 - 5x112

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Weds Kranze

20x10/12 et14/18 - 5x114.3

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custom ATS cup

16x8.25 et40 - 4x100

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Gotti Axia

17x8 et35 - 5x112

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Wheels in stock:


name specs PCD parts
bbs rf001 15x7 et35 4x108 sold
bbs rf004 17x8 et40 5x120 sold
bbs rf010/011 17x8.5/9.5 et13/13 5x120 sold
bbs rx004 16x7 et45 5x114.3 faces
bbs rx016/017 16x8/9 et20/20 5x114.3 faces
bbs rx034 17x8 et30 5x114.3 complete set, or faces
bbs rx037 17x8 et35 5x114.3 sold
bbs nd904 (nardi) 17x8 et20 5x120 complete set, or faces
bbs rs005 16x7 et11 5x120 sold
bbs rs005/006 16x7/8 et11/24 5x120 redrilled to 4x100 sold
bbs rs008/023 16x7/8 et24/24 5x112 sold
bbs rs016 15x6.5 et32 4x100 sold
bbs rs038 15x7 et39 5x114.3 sold
bbs rs043 15x6.5 et36 5x114.3 sold
bbs rs045 15x6 et38 4x100 sold
bbs rs062 16x8 et24 5x112 sold
bbs rs137 16x7 et45 5x114.3 sold
bbs rs174/244 16x7/8 et33/33 5x114.3 sold
bbs rs176 15x7 et14 5x114.3 complete set, or faces
bbs rs180 16x7.5 et14 5x114.3 faces (flatback)
bbs rs211 16x8 et11 5x120 sold
bbs rs213 15x7 et41 5x114.3 redrill to 4x100 complete wheels or faces
bbs rs212/197 17x8.5/9.5 et13/13 5x120 sold
bbs rs236 17x8.5 et30 5x112 traded
bbs rs254 17x8.5 et28 5x114.3 sold
bbs rs269 16x7.5 et28 5x100 sold
bbs rs299/300 17x8/9 et45/53 5x114.3 sold
bbs rs317 16x7.5 et35 5x114.3 sold
bbs rs322 16x8 et42 5x114.3 sold
bbs rs334 17x7.5 et33 4x108 pair of wheels
bbs rs350/351 17x7.5/8.5 et40/48 5x114.3 sold
bbs rs357 17x8 et39 5x114.3 sold
bbs lm067 17x7 et42 5x114.3 sold
bbs lm069/070 17x9/10 et42/50 5x114.3 sold
bbs lm074 17x7.5/8 et33/40 5x114.3 complete set
bbs lm089 17x8 et40 5x120 sold
bbs lm090 17x7.5 et48 5x100 one more set available
bbs lm198 17x7.5 et40 4x100 sold
bbs rt013/016 16x7/7.5 et24/33 5x112 sold
bbs rt015/019 16x8/9 et22/11 5x112 / 5x120 faces
bbs rt047/051 16x7/8 et45/52 5x114.3 sold


name specs PCD parts
Oz Futura 17x7.5 et33 5x100 sold
Oz Futura 17x8 et35 5x110 traded
Oz Mito 2 17x8.5/10 et20/19 5x112 complete set, or faces
Oz Carlsson 6/3 18x8.5/10 et35/43 5x112 sold
Oz AMG 17x8.5 et30 5x112 sold
Oz Futura 17x7.5 et50 5x114.3 sold
Oz Futura 17x8/8.5 et35 5x112 sold
Oz Futura 17x8.5/10 et20/19 5x112 sold
Oz Mito 2 17x7.5 et37 5x108 sold
Oz Mito 1 17x8 et35 5x112 faces
Oz futura 17x8.5/9.5 et30/38 5x114.3 sold
Oz Hamann PG1 18x9.5/10.5 et13 5x120 sold
Oz Breyton 17x8/9.5 et32.5/39 5x120 sold
Oz Mito 2 17x8.5/9.5 et35/20 5x120 faces


name specs PCD parts
Modena 17x8.5/9.5 et44/46 5x120 sold
Modena 17x7/8 et26/40 4x114.3 sold
Modena 17x7.5 et??? 5x114.3 complete set, or faces
Modena 16x7 et42 5x114.3 complete set, or faces
Modena Racing 17x7.5 et??? 4/5x114.3 sold
Starform D2 17x7.5 et39 5x114.3 complete set, or faces
Starform D2 16x7 et42 4x114.3 complete set, or faces


name specs PCD parts
Gotti Axia 17x8 et35 5x112 complete wheels
mille miglia m3000 17x8.5 et25 5x112 complete wheels or faces
mille miglia m3000 17x9 et-8 5x112 complete wheels or faces
Wald Duchatelet 2 19x9/10 et34/34 5x114.3 complete set, or faces

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